R/L Feedthrough

R/L Feedthrough

This is a magnetic coupled feedthrough that combines both rotary and linear feedthroughs, capable of rotary and linear motion.

R/L Feedthrough


  1. Long stroke
    Suitable for long-distance transportation of the samples.
  2. Ease of maintenance
    Magnetic coupling transfers rotary or linear motion into vacuum.
  3. Simple structure
    If the sample needs to be transferred, make sure the assembly design allows position adjustment of the tip of the rod.


Type 954-7670 954-7671 954-7672 954-7673
Drive system Magnetic coupling
Connection flange φ70ICF flange
Drive method Manual
Linear movement 250mm 500mm 750mm 1000mm
Transfer torque 0.4N·m
Thrust 29.4N
Allowable heating temperature 100℃
Allowed tip load 200g
Leak 1.33×10-11Pa·m3/sec (1×10-10Torr·L/sec) or less
Weight 2.3kg 2.6kg 2.9kg 3.2kg
Type Dimension
954-7670 250
954-7671 500
954-7672 750
954-7673 1000


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