Air Cooled Freezer Module

Air Cooled Freezer Module

The wide temperature range air cooled refrigerating module and heater (optional) that can continuously control temperature from -100℃ to +100℃ makes it ideal for applications that require wide temperature control range.

A compact air cooled refrigerator module with vacuum flange that can be installed easily on various vacuum and analysis equipment.

Air Cooled Freezer Module V-150R


  1. Wide operating temperature range
    Capable of cooling and heating objects from -100℃ to +100℃
  2. High refrigeration capacity/refrigeration efficiency
    At input power below 200W, provides refrigerating power of -23.33℃ at 120W and -80℃ at 50W
  3. Energy reduction by optimum control of freezer and heater


  • Cooling and heating inside etching and sputtering equipment
  • Equipment requiring cooling and heating within a vacuum
  • Various test equipment requiring temperature control
  • Water trap in various vacuum and analysis equipment
  • Water removal application within vacuum roughing pump pipe
  • Vacuum chamber contamination prevention


Type V-150R
Operating temperature range -100℃ to room temperature
-100℃ to 100℃(with heater installed)
Cooling performance 120W at –23.3℃, 50W at –80℃
Connectionφ φ145 new JIS flange
Weight 10.3 ㎏
Input voltage 100 to 240VAC (50/60Hz) separate custom controller required
Power consumption 300W (refrigerator maximum 200W, heater approx. 100W)
Cooling method Air cooled

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