Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG

New Product  Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG

The capacitance gauge M-342DG is a diaphragm gauge that enables accurate, stable pressure measurement with minimum zero adjustment.

This is achieved using a newly developed small silicon MEMS chip as the pressure sensor unit to minimize the influence from the outside environment such as changes in temperature, vibrations, and atmospheric pressure.

Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG


  • High precision, stable pressure measurement
    ・Excellent zero point stability.
    ・Has low temperature dependence providing excellent stability without the need of a temperature
       adjustment mechanism.
    ・Excellent anti-vibration noise performance.
  • Compact and low power consumption
    ・200g, W46mm × H49mm × L70mm compact, lightweight.*1
    ・Power consumption 0.5W.

    *1:Size and weight of the coupling NW16 specifications


    Supports a wide range of general industy applications such as medical and food in addition to semiconductor manufacturing equipment, panel display munufacturing equipment, and other vacuum equipment.*2

      *2:Not suitable for applications where corrosive gas is used.
           Please consult us for details.


Type M-342DG
-1D -1N -11 -12 -13
Full scale pressure(Pa)  13.33  133.3 1.333k 13.33k 133.3k
                              (Torr) 0.1 1 10 100 1000
Accuracy(% of reading) 0.20(at 23℃)
Zero temperature
drift coefficient(% of F.S./℃)
0.01 0.005 0.002
Span temperature
drift coefficient(% of reading/℃)
0.01 0.005
Resolution(% of Full-scale) 0.01 0.005
Lowest Reading(% of Full-scale) 0.01
Lowest Suggested Pressure for
Reading(% of Full-scale)
Lowest Suggested Pressure for
Control(% of Full-scale)
Response time(msec) 100 30
pressure limit(Pa) 200 kPa(absolute pressure) However, 130 kPa(absolute pressure)for
M-342DG-1D(for NW16 & NW25, inner area must not be at
positive pressure)
Input voltage(VDC) +13.5~26.4
Power consumtion(W) 0.5 or less
Signal output(VDC) 0 to 10
Operating temperature(℃) 0 to 50
Storage temperature(℃) -20 to 70(not operating)
Maximum cable length(m) 100(0.3mm2)
Zero points adjustment methods push switch,remote input
Connector type D-sub 9 pin male(mating screw:#4-40inch)
Materials exposed to vacuum Si,Glass,SUS304,sus316,Fluorine Rubber
Flange shape NW16,NW25,8-VCR,φ70ICF
Degree of protection IP40
Standards Low Voltage Directive, EMC Directive, RoHS Directive
Security Export Control Regulation Not applicable
Display M-601GC(1ch)、M-603GC(3c)


Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge M-342DG

Parts Number

Parts Number Model Description Remarks Code
0160-12049 M-341DG-1D-N16 Capacitance Gauge(13.3Pa) Coupling: NW16 22735
0160-12057 M-341DG-1D-N25 Coupling: NW25 22736
0160-12065 M-341DG-1D-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22737
0160-12073 M-341DG-1D-VCR Coupling: 8-VCR female 22738
0160-11645 M-341DG-1N-N16 Capacitance Gauge(133Pa) Coupling: NW16 22710
0160-11653 M-341DG-1N-N25 Coupling: NW25 22711
0160-11661 M-342DG-1N-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22712
0160-11679 M-342DG-1N-VCR Coupling: 8-VCR female 22713
0160-11459 M-342DG-11-N16 Capacitance Gauge(1.33kPa) Coupling: NW16 22715
0160-11467 M-342DG-11-N25 Coupling: NW25 22716
0160-11475 M-342DG-11-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22717
0160-11483 M-342DG-11-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22718
0160-11140 M-342DG-12-N16 Capacitance Gauge(13.3kPa) Coupling: NW16 22720
0160-11158 M-342DG-12-N25 Coupling: NW25 22721
0160-11077 M-342DG-12-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22722
0160-11166 M-342DG-12-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22723
0160-11093 M-342DG-13-N16 Capacitance Gauge(133kPa) Coupling: NW16 22725
0160-11108 M-342DG-13-N25 Coupling: NW25 22726
0160-11116 M-342DG-13-C70 Coupling: φ70ICF 22727
0160-11124 M-342DG-13-VC8 Coupling: 8-VCR female 22728
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