PVD Equipment for R&D/Small-Scale Production  EB1100

Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

Consolidating our proven experience in vacuum and sputtering technology, the EB1000 is a high performance PVD equipment suitable for R&D and small-scale production.
A variety of optional functions enables you to optimize the system according to your needs.

EB1100  PVD Equipment for R&D/Small-Scale Production


R&D, small-scale production


  • Standard equipped with load lock chamber
  • Fully automated operations (pumping, substrate transfer, deposition process)
  • Supports up to four φ4" cathodes (three by default)
  • Simultaneous sputtering (Option)
  • High temperature substrate heating (up to 800℃) (Option)
  • Support for various substrate size (≤ φ220mm) and deposition methods (offset self-rotational deposition, static facing deposition) by tray transport
  • Space saving with unit body design main system


System configuration:
Load lock type tray transport method
Substrate size:
φ200mm maximum
φ4" cathode ×3
(Option: φ12.5" cathode ×1, φ4" cathode ×4)
Operation method:
Fully automated (pumping, transport, deposition)


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