SiC Electron Bombardment Anneal System (EBAS)  EC7200

Equipment for Electronic Device Manufacturing and for R&D

EC7200 is a vacuum high temperature annealing equipment which provides excellent annealing characteristic based on the Electron Bombardment Anneal System, which is our original technology.

EC7200  SiC Electron Bombardment Anneal System (EBAS)


SiC power device R&D and production (activation anneal)


  • Implementation of high electrical activation
    (Achieve low sheet resistance through high temperature process)
    (Reduction of diode leak current)
  • Rapid heating, cooling
    (RTA process and clean vacuum environment)
  • Excellent repeatability.
    (sheet resistance uniformity ±4.9%, 1000 runs)
  • Supports up to three annealing chambers according to production volume


System configuration:
Cluster type (up to three annealing chambers)
C to C type
Substrate size:
φ3", φ4", φ6"


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