Disk PVD Equipment ML3000 Series

ML3000 Series Disk PVD Equipment

A sputtering equipment that supports mass production and next generation development of magnetic disk which is a key component of hard disk drives.

ML3000 Series Disk PVD Equipment


Mass production and next generation development of hard disk (magnetic disk)


  • Provides approximately twice the productivity (up to 1800 disks/hour) compared to competitive equipment
  • Over ten days continuous operation.
  • Excellent expandability enabling expansion of chambers according to customer process
  • Emphasis on vacuum quality to improve magnetic characteristics (an order of magnitude performance improvement over our previous product).
  • Provides high temperature heating and cooling unit for the development of next generation thermally assisted magnetic recording media
  • 30% space reduction compared to our previous product


System configuration:
Inline type
Substrate size:
2.5 inch, 3.5 inch
Up to 1800 disks/hour (depending on equipment configuration and process time)
Vacuum performance:
Ultimate pressure around 10-6Pa
Pumping system:
Selectable between TMP and cryo pump
90m2 (P22 configuration)


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