Overhaul of Vacuum Equipments

We offer "Proposal style Maintenance Service" which includes Maintenance parts replacement, Unit replacement, and Pump Overhaul etc. with optimum cycle we recommend, so that customer can use the equipment steadily for long period.
The maintenance service can prevent system error, maintain high performance of system, and contribute to increase a net working rate and a budget control according to a schedule.

  • Overhaul of pumping equipment
  • Overhaul of inside vacuum chamber
  • Overhaul for refreshing the whole equipment
  • Other requirements

Overhaul of vacuum equipments

We provide optimum solution support for your needs. To sustain the performance and productivity of your systems, daily maintenance is essential, but to assure stable operation in the future, a equipment overhaul can deliver benefits. We offer the best functions and quality to meet your needs.

Example: Overhaul of sputtering equipment (batch type)

The overhaul has restored pumping characteristics to the condition at the time of delivery.

Pumping Curve


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