Equipment Remodeling Support

We will provide optimum remodeling plan that satisfies customer's needs such as renewal and upgrade that helps customer to use the delivered equipment effectively.

Equipment renewal

PLC, GOT, Touch panel upgrade

To make remarkable progress, Analog operation components such as old type button switch, toggle switch, and dial etc. will be replaced with latest LCD touch panel type GOT (Graphic Operation Panel). To install PLC enables the equipment to automate and enforce interlock. We will provide best solution for replacing old type PLC or GOT which is production-terminated.

Pump replacement / upgrade(DP to TMP etc.)

We will realize clean vacuum circumstances without care for oil contamination by replacement DP(Diffusion Pump) with TMP(Turbo Molecular Pump) , DP with CP(Cryo Pump), or Rotary Pump with DP. We will provide best solution for improvement of vacuum pumping performance such as reduction of time until Ultimate pressure, improvement of throughput by acceleration pumping speed, reduction of downtime, etc.

Power supply replacement

We will replace old type power supply which is production terminated or expired period of repair with new type power supply. We will provide best solution for DC/RF power supply for cathode, vapor deposition power supply, and heating power supply, etc.

Equipment upgrade

Substrate specification upgrade

Please ask us for substrate specification change such as size(φ5"⇒φ6", φ6"⇒φ8"), shape(Orientation flat⇔Notch), or material(Si⇒Glass).
We will provide optimum proposal for the customer needs.
Also please ask us for special shape substrate such as square substrate, etc.

Data logging / Online function upgrade

We will install data logging unit which enables the equipment to import automatically Each type of utility value of equipment such as Discharge electric power, Current, Voltage, Vacuum level, Gas flow amount, etc., and to export them by file (.csv, etc.).
We will provide optimum proposal of real time monitor (graph) indication on demand.

Gas line upgrade

Please ask us for additional gas lines for the purpose of reactive sputtering or small amount of gas addition.

*Some type of gases can not be dealt with.

Software version up

We will provide best solution for operation ability improvement by software upgrade. , and offer it for safety improvement by software interlock addition.


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